Born in Tuscon in 1991, Jacob’s formative youth experience was at an archaeology camp in the Four Corners area called Crow Canyon. It gave him his first inkling that taking material goods for granted ignores the rich cultural context of which they are a part. It also gave him a taste for the recreation of ancient craft traditions, and the outdoors.

He proceeded to advance through the eras of human technology; by middle school he had achieved the skills of the Stone Age, like primitive ceramics, fire-by-friction, and stone tools, which in turn gave way to copper casting and then ironworking in high school.

Graduating high school with the prestigious Harvard Book Award, he attended Stanford University and eventually graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Product Design. Since then, he has worked with Weave the People, a San Francisco tech startup with the mission to bring the power of human connection into the corporate world, and has embarked on a new phase of his life in Bend, Oregon.

He continues to be fascinated by the junction of materials, process, and purpose.